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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

it's an adventure

Sunday after church [message on witnessing] i went to taco casa with jackie and jodi. then hiking at Moss rock preserve; on the way home, I saw a hotair balloon in the field near my house so i stopped.
a man was giving free rides up just so far. there was no "event" going on..not sure why. My dog and I got out to look and stood talking with a girl, her hubby and son. Father and son went to get in line while she and I talked.

we talked a long time about everything... fears, God, growing up baptist, her gay friend, condemnation, etc and lo and behold I got to share the good news with her.
God did it all. Left her with a track and my card
not staged or 'method' like. it blew me away... like God does;)

I have their names written down and pray for all 3. it's an adventure sharing the love of Jesus.

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