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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

dr ruth adventure

Saturday I took a trip to stonehenge gallery in montgomery.
Arriving at my destination 30 min early was a sign that the astral planes of my life were off-the moon misaligned.
i visited the eclectic surroundings: on either side stood the Sinclair , the Capri theater and the Elray . Across the street- a coffee shop with breakfast and coffee poured by what seemed to be a jamaican guy, dreadlocks and all. good music. i waited here for the gallery owner, Mike who said he was a judge at the Westminster dog show. [coincidentally, the movie Best of Show* came on later that day] gay + dog show.
he said he wanted to have a show for me. i took my paintings and headed home.

somewhere between clanton and jemison i ran out of gas. i wasnt paying attention at all. just one of those things. i call my sister just to let her know where i was. later a red truck pulls up. a guy named daniel. he's nice enough and doesnt fit the killer i get in.still talking to my sis. he said he hates to see a woman stranded on the road. he has a wife and 2 kids. he's young. drove me to get a gas can and then gas and drove me back. it took a while, but we had a nice conversation.which led to me asking if he was a believer. "yes but we havent been going to church." the usual answer.. He tells me about marital problems-
trouble with his wife. sex only twice since Jan. use to be painful for her but now isnt after her hysterrectomy..but she doesnt want more. we talk about what might be this big problem .. as if we are close friends..ha. his dad told him to just deal with if that's an answer.
men tell me everything.
i prayed for him out loud and tell him to let his wife know what an admirable thing he did [getting me gas].

Later i prayed a lot for them both-daniel & nikki .
that was an answer to prayer for me to see God's hand in things and i hope daniel sees that God cares and he can cry out to Him.

i made it back in time for a late lunch at the greenvalley drugstore 'malt shop' for BLT's with a friend and her mom visiting from MS. the diner had a very nice wall display of museum quality antique rifles. we talked about her DAR research in order to become a member.

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