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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

what to do when scared

have you ever gotten to a good place in a painting and were afraid you'd mess it up? - maybe because all the planets werent aligned, your lucky underwear was in the wash or for what ever reason? i totally forgot how i started that bed painting the other day so... i started another one. slightly different angle.
do value sketches and print out digital pics to work from along with real thing; turn the bed and set up to paint. this one went easier. i may beef up the whites when it's drier. the pillow in the back right has blue palm trees on it, i may add, if not too obtrusive. i have a job interview tomorrow. i think it's what i should do to get money to support their habit of eating and painting.
for those who are really into painting, you can click on any of these images to enlarge.

i've included sketches I did of the little boy i keep sometimes.

1 comment:

kathy said...

you go girl... When I think of painting a bed I get out my spray can and a dry place with no bugs. You on the other hand capture the emotion of crawling in one that is inviting...crisp, clean sheets, quiet place or with soft music playing in the backgrownd.