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Friday, June 09, 2006

SOLD: summer breeze

Finally finisehd... well, almost. 36x24 oils. couldn't think of a better name than the seals&croft song.
my grandma's shears in my bedroom. i'm learning how to stay out of muddy colors/overblending/ and how the fear of corporate life suddenly brings on discipline to paint.
to quote a friend:
"it seems like there's always got to be something that's more intimidating than the art...and the prospect of sitting in a room where the windows don't open and the lights are flourescent and everything is mauve is a lot more intimidating than most anything I can think of..."
thanks suzy.

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kathy said...

I love this painting. A cool night breeze coming through the window. It's refreshing...just the thought of it calms me and reminds me of my younger years when life was much simpler...memories include picking vegetables in the garden back of the house in the hot, hot summer daytime. When the produce was in the freezer or in our stomachs and the night came we would have the windows open and the big window fan would be sucking in the night air...cooling down the house and our tired bodies as we drifted off to sleep.