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Friday, June 16, 2006

music to paint

Went to a concert last night at caldwell park. tried to memorize the orchestra.. wrote down value #s. basically warm whites on black...
our new conductor, justin brown, is fun and smart! while there, I met another painter and art therapist.

I've had a breakthrough lately and am really enjoying painting instead of it being a chore as before.

Gained some technical understanding and light physics knowledge along with painting the way a place makes me feel, as suggested by richard schmidt.
the only way ive found to get over my fear is to commit it to Jesus. and do my work and play as unto Him. i know that sounds like i'm spiritualizing things,
but with any fear i have.. getting on an airplane, going on a date , i have to hand it over.
my greatest fears are those things i enjoy the most.;)

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