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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

that HOT memorial day

So we braved the smoltering summer heat to bike the Chief Ladiga trail near piedmont alabama.
"We" meaning my adopted family [the thomas's] and other friends; eleven in all.
i forgot how much fun and "good 4u" riding can be, if you have snacks and water. every thing you'd imagine ... from the largest rattle snake ive ever seen to flat tires, fallen chains, heat strokes, coldcold springs, and a wonderful picnic! plus unearthered memories of childhood.
Saw some beautiful places to plein air paint, but alas, for another time.
my mom needed me to spend the next day with her getting heart tests done. i will only say that it pays to live in a bigger city when getting heart tests done.
for info on the trail... .see

halter tops were made for this ride.


Connie said...

Wow, I don't think the Thomas family has ever earned a spot on a blog before! We are honored to be included on yours, Mel. And proud that you are a part of our family. "The family that sweats together stinks together."

Jeff Rease said...

Hey, I know those people! I've been wanting to ride the Chief Ladiga Trail, especially when it's finished all the way to Atlanta.