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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


SOLD: harpersville farm 3x4

My mom came to visit for mothers day weekend. there's not enough blog space for that story. I love my mom and God is teaching me to love. As Suzy says" i think love sometimes has nothing to do with having anything in common"*

My mom commented, suggested - to be truthful- she took her mother card and told me I needed to quit painting until I sold all those paintings gathering dust in my studio. Well. like any good financial officer - she was right - if in deed that was my source of income. She might as well have said "You shouldn't dance unless you're gonna get paid." That may be crude but you artists know what I mean. Painting is emotional, takes energy and is a great deal more fun than roller skating.
That got me to thinking: Why do I paint? Ask yourself why you do things. ok, come back now..

After this thoughtful interlude, I dug into a painting left unfinished out of fear of ruining it. Have you ever NOT done something because it would ruin the illusion? I know a guy who talks everyday about this girl, but won't ask her out. I know why... a dream[by itself] is manageable, malleable, and can be kept alive.

You have to risk ruin in order to succeed is what I'm learning and besides..
God takes the ruined, discarded, messed up oil paintings of lives and makes them beautiful and I don't mean like Thomas Kincade [apologies to his fans].
Now to take off this perfectionistic garb!

*See Suzy's art work here..

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Anonymous said...

what powerful and profound statements! love it Mel

Laura Reagan-Tatum