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Sunday, April 23, 2006


this is going backwards in posting, but this is for Suzy, adventurous/famous artist in atlanta.

feb 25 -in atlanta-
had a great time with my friend Suzy, who used her smile & charm to secure seating in a favorite restaurant already closed for lunch. so nice to have a restaurant [Basils] all to ourselves. wine vendors were there and gave us a Copolla to try. we were told that 2 ladies had been turned away 15 minutes earlier and that we must be special. well of course we are... one should always have a blonde at hand for such obstacles.

- on my way home from atlanta -
i stopped and took a nap in the dairyqueen parking lot outside villarica. i dont remember ever dreaming about food before, but i did dream of dipcones [imagine that] so i had to buy one; then proceeded to Brad's Pit BBQ in Anniston, and talked with a nice lady while i ate. And then heard a really good message by adrian rogers on the radio. i am whipped, but the good kind.

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