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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Today Courvoisier [yes, named after a cognac] , the 2nd grader that i tutor,
looked up with excitement and said,"i've got candy". He unwrapped it, took a lick then offered it up to me and said "lick it." - For a moment i felt i was in another country/culture where it would be impolite if i didnt, but only for a moment... i didn't. it never occurs to kids that you would not eat/lick after someone you are close to.
he recited his Easter church 'speech' which was.. "he came out of the tomb" .. but he had no idea who/why... had come out of the tomb.
grown-ups are like that too.

I had told him that Jesus took his whippings for him. he said "but i still get whippins". "me too" i said. [but not the ones that matter for eternity.]

Courvoisier has been spelling his name wrong for a year.

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Great Blog! I have one on My I'll send you the link! - Shanna :)